Pleasure in music

Cyrus Audio exists to connect you with the power and raw emotion of music. Proper hi-fi is like a ‘portal’ – it transports you immediately to the recording. The world and its problems simply disappear. For that precious time when you’re listening, it’s pure indulgence, pleasure – bonding on an emotional level with the artist.

Great hi-fi is exhilarating beyond words. Once you’ve had that ‘moment’, you ache to experience it again.  It becomes a passion that lasts a lifetime.

Discover with us what you’ve been missing.



QXR upgrade

QXR is a new digital interface, available as an upgrade for Cyrus amplifiers, both current and older models – or as a new system. Built into either our 6 DAC, 82DAC or Pre2DAC products.


QXR unearths a new level of detail, separation and resolution from your music, regardless of digital source, whilst fully retaining the refined texture, wide soundstage and precise timing you expect from the Cyrus experience.

Capable of handling file resolutions up to and including 32bit/768K or DSD 512 through an all-new asynchronous USB bridge, the specification only hints at the performance this upgrade is capable of.


Cyrus launches ONE HD

Cyrus Audio are proud to launch the anticipated update to our Cyrus ONE released in 2016. ONE HD builds off of the success which was Cyrus ONE, new features such as aptX® HD Bluetooth and our 4th generation Hybrid Class D amplifier.


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Cyrus One HD Hi-fi Choice Review

Listening Room

When you experience your first Cyrus ‘moment’ you will join an informed and friendly global community of customers who have had that ‘moment’ of enlightenment; that connection with the artist, so strong and powerful, that it leaves an indelible impression.


Our community is diverse, but shares a driving passion for music. We love to discuss music, your experiences, your passions and yes, we talk about the technology. Our community is central to everything we do at Cyrus and we welcome you warmly to join us.


The Music

Great hi-fi begins with great music – something we never forget. Our entire design, manufacturing, sales, marketing and logistics teams share that love for music, play music, regularly attend concerts and festivals – it’s in our DNA.


We hold regular company listening sessions known as ‘Three Track Thursday’s”. Each employee in turn shares their current favourite songs, regardless of genre, format, or age. Everyone is encouraged to participate; and we love to share our choices with our ‘listening room’ followers.

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The UK Experience

At Cyrus, we’re not ‘preachy’ or condescending. We just love sharing our passion. That’s why we created the ‘Experience tour’. Come along to one of our events to learn more about the subject of hi-fi, some of the latest technologies used, and engage with our expert team on your questions. It’s not a hard sell – it’s a chance to meet with like-minded individuals and experience hi-fi in a warm and friendly environment.

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